Allow me to introduce myself and the Association.

The Hermitage Association includes soloists from theatres and concert companies of St. Petersburg – Kirov Opera and Ballet, Maly Opera Theatre, St. Petersburg Concert and others. The size of the group varies according to the music they are singing - between four and six singers normally take part in each concert. I am myself a professional pianist, Sviridov Contest
Natalia Aksuticheva
first prize winner. During the last 18 years I have been engaged in tour organization, and we have toured England annually for all that time. Despite my best efforts, however, there are still some people who haven't heard of us!

Natalia Aksuticheva.

The Association sees it as its goal to keep in the Russian traditions of church music and bring motets of the Eastern Church closer to western people. Therefore, the program basically consists of liturgical motets and psalms. The program also includes various folk songs.

Igor Shiryagin  - First Tenor
Born in St.Petersburg.
Opera Soloist of Mariinsky Theatre (Kirov Opera and ballet) and soloist of St Petersburg
Philharmonic, soloist of Church choir, training and education at St Petersburg conservatoire.

Line Church

Alexander Patyukov - Lyric Baritone
1977-1986 Education at Music College completed in Leningrad,
1986-1993} Studies at Music Conservatory
1986-1994}    of Saint-Petersburg
1987- 1996 Soloist at Opera theatre named after Rimsky-Korsakov in Saint-Petersburg.
1994 Participation in opera festival in Savonlinna (Finland) in opera by Tchaikovsky “Evgeny Onegin”
Church choir soloist in Church of Jesus Resurrection
Tours to countries: Czechia, Germany, England,
Switzerland, Belgium, Italy etc.

Vasily Timonin - Alto Tenor
Education at the Music Conservatory in
18 years – soloist of Leningrad State Kapelle
named after Glinka.
Cooperation with various famous conductors:
Rozhdestvensky, Yansson, Dmitriev, Temirkanov, Serov etc.
Soloist of church choirs at Preobrazhensky
Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
Tours to various countries : Russia, Germany,
France, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium,
Italy etc.)

Vladimir Mostovoy - Conductor and Second Tenor
Education Choir college named after Glinka,
- Saint-Petersburg Music College, department of choral conducting
soloist of SPb Chamber Choir headed by Nikolay Korneev,
Engaged in various church choirs,
Arranges orchestra and choir compositions.

Bladimir Pasyukov - Bass Profundo
Leningrad district ensemble “Songs and Dances”,
art director and conductor Kunaev.
Leningrad State Academic Choir named after Glinka, art directors and conductors:
Minin, Kozlov, Mikhailov, Chernushenko.
Petersburg Chamber Choir Art director and conductor Kornev.
St.-Petersburg male choir Art director Afanasiev.

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Interview on BBC Radio Norfolk
(Easter 2016. Last 15 minutes of programme.)

The Hermitage Ensemble at St. Mary's, Banbury
broadcast on BBC Oxford, 4th May 2012.
Report by Sinead Carroll  (2.1MB LQ)

Hermitage Ensemble Brochure
Eight colourful pages of fascinating information in PDF format (5.4MB).

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Wandering Camera - photoalbums about St.Petersburg, Russia
Wandering Camera
Galleries of beautiful pictures of St. Petersburg and its surroundings with text in English, German and Russian.

Translations of Orthodox Liturgical and non-Liturgical texts.

Music Samples -  Click the Icons to listen to short mp3 files
Russian folk song: Those Evening Bells (Vecherny Zvon) -  words by Thomas Moore
Youth comes to an end, and then life comes to an end. Only bells can be heard as before.
Russian folk song: Twelve Robbers (Dvenadzat Razboinikov)
There was a robber Kudeyar who was a leader of a gang and through his misdeeds brought much evil to the people. But later he repented and left for a monastery. He became a monk. We hear this songs as a legend from an old monk and learn at the end that the singer himself used to be Kudeyar.
Song of old Bursha (music by Michael ippolitov-Ivanov) solo by bassoprofundo.
O Sole Mio-Di Capua.
The Eternal council-Pavel Tschesnokov solo by countertenor.
Magnification of Epiphany, Serbian chant -solo by countertenor.
Russian Orthodox music. 1.
Russian Orthodox music. 2.
Russian Orthodox music. 3.
Ukrainian song -  Bandura